Practical Information for the Traveler of the Fianaranatsoa Cote Est

How to get to Fianarantsoa (Fianar for short) or Manakara from Antananarivo ?

You have several options to get to Fianarantsoa from Madagascar's capital city of Antananarivo, a distance of 400 km :

Means of transport Indicative price

Length of journey (approximate, in hours)

Where to get more information
- mini van with 14 seats
- 35 seat bus

13,000 Ar/person
11,000 Ar/person

8 ½ hours
10 hours
Taxi brousse station (Fasan'ny Karana in Tanà and Besorohitra in Fianarantsoa)
Car rental :
(4 passenger private car with driver)
175,000 Ar for a 4- day rental ; the renter also pays for fuel during the trip 8 hours Travel or Car rental agencies .
- Clovis Arthur : 261-20-22-315-37
- Stephan, immeuble Raveloson 2° étage , Andravoahangy 101 Tananarive (email : [email protected])
215,150 Ar per person 1 ¼ hours Travel Agency or Air Madagascar

It is also possible to take the train from Fianarantsoa to Manakara and then continue by air to Antananarivo or Fort Dauphin (Tolagnaro) . For schedules and fares, please contact Air Madagascar.


Weekly Train schedule
From Fianarantsoa to Manakara (7:00 am departure) : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
From Manakara to Fianarantsoa (6:45 am departure) : Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Length of trip : 8 to 12 hours, depending on the freight to be loaded at each station and other unforeseen factors.

Since the FCE is changing the schedule and adding trains as the locomotives are rehabilitated and improvements in service become possible, please check at the train station for the latest information

Tickets For a ticket between Fianarantsoa and Manakara :
1st class : 12,000 Ar
2nd class : 9,000 Ar

Seat Reservations
Reservations may be made for seats in the 1st class car on the following itineraries
Fianarantsoa to Tolongoina, Manampatrana, and Manakara
Manakara to Manampatrana, Tolongoina, and Fianarantsoa

Reservations can be obtained in the 7 days preceding your departure by email ([email protected]), telephone (261-20-75-513-55), or at the reservation window at the Fianarantsoa and Manakara train stations.

Reservation fee :
5,000 Ar in addition to the ticket price. Please reconfirm your reservation at least one day before your departure.

Options for Tourists
There are several interesting options for travelers who want to take the FCE train :

  • Take the train round trip from Fianarantsoa and spend some time in the coastal town of Mankara
  • Take the train from Fianar to Manakara and return to Antananarivo by air directly from Manakara
  • Take the train from Fianar to Manakara and then return to Fianar by road with a stop on the way back at Ranomafana National Park.
  • Combine your train trip with a hiking or canoe expedition to explore the sites along the line.

    For more information, please contact :

    - " Maison des Guides " in front of the Fianarantsoa train station ([email protected], tel. 261-20-75-520-30)

    - the Tsara Guest House ( [email protected], tel. 261-20-75-502-06),

    - the Lac Hôtel Sahambavy ( tel. 261-20-75-518-73),

    - or Restaurant Ancre d'Or (Fianarantsoa, tel. 261-20-75-508-63).

The Micheline
The micheline is available for charter by groups between Fianarantsoa and Sahambavy (20 kms) with the possibility of spending the night in Sahambavy or returning to Fianar the same day. Please contact the FCE for more information.

Charter rental cost (Fianarantsoa-Sahambavy-Fianarantsoa) : 450.000 Ar

Logistics in Fianarantsoa
Please consult the and MadaTours web site for information on interesting tourist destinations, hotels, and travel agents that are eager to welcome you to this fascinating province.

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