The spectacular FCE train line links the highland city of Fianarantsoa with the east coast town of Manakara. Built between 1926 and 1936, it traverses some of Madagascar's most scenic countryside on its 163 km path from the high plateau to the sea. The line, which is one of the three steepest in the world (along with Birma and Ecuador), has no fewer than 67 bridges and 48 tunnels and offers the traveler magnificent vistas as it descends the escarpment east of Fianarantsoa.

Heavily damaged by cyclones Eline and Gloria in early 2000, the line has now been cleared and largely rebuilt. With three newly rehabilitated locomotives, the FCE is ready to welcome both individual tourists and groups.

The voyage is a leisurely one on a train that averages 20 to 35 km/hour. On a trip that lasts 8-10 hours from the highlands to the coast, there is plenty of time to admire the evolving landscape, to participate in the convivial atmosphere of communal travel, and to enjoy the bustle of 17 village stations as they come alive with the whistle of the arriving train.

And, if you're looking for a truly unique railroad experience, don't miss the world renowned Micheline! This rubber wheeled beauty rides the rails only in Madagascar and is available for group charter.

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